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mio padre diana vagabondo a venezia jack limoni corvo tre passeri pettirosso finestra dei sogni


Humane Nature ART, Art of Living,
Arte del vivere, Kunst om te leven.

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Call for Artists: Art & Human Nature Collection - Art & Literary Book

ART & HUMAN NATURE COLLECTION, Art & Literary Book, International, Invitational is a new exciting Exhibition Venue for Artists and Authors and benefit for the many projects of the Baron Conservancy at Publishers can give books away to libraries, bookstores, art supply stores, gift shops, art patrons, collectors. The list goes on. A book is, after all, relatively inexpensive compared to a work of art. A book therefore becomes the most excellent purview for exposure for an artist.That is of course the thinking behind the Annual ART and HUMAN NATURE COLLECTION, A Literary and Art Book. It is a permanent record of an artists exhibition. This book will be available at all times on the Internet at booksellers like Barnes and Noble, and any artist can always arrange a book signing and art show at any book store or gift store or restaurant and the books can be ordered by the venue directly from the small publisher. We cannot urge artists strongly enough to consider being published in a book like the annual Art and Human Nature Collection. We figured it out, and dollar for dollar, this is one of the best ways for an artist to gain needed exposure at minimal expense. The date to submit to be invited to contribute your work has been extended to January 23, 2006 the deadline until the publication date of March, 2006. If you haven't looked into this opportunity you will find details on . Join a world wide roster of artists who have already signed on to make this annual book collection a treasured exhibition for art lovers, collectors and art patrons. A $250.00 prize is offered to all and portfolio artists and a 5% discount is available on book costs and from December to January 23rd on submission fees. We look forward to seeing you at the book signing during the opening art event at the AWE ART WORKSHOP EXPERIENCES RETREAT at the
Baron Conservancy in March 2006.

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Thinking about

The realization of each ART painting is reminiscent of finding the truth of human ART after awakening from a long vision .The truth of ART, which on the morrow will be nothing but a memory, a trace from the past in a new today, looking for a new truth of ART.
The truth of the present. A truth of human ART which reduces itself to the essence of it’s own origin and
which arises/comes into being from the ARTcreative needs and the strongest primitive feelings/emotions of the human race.The maximum reduction of human ART, the core, the meaning of ART. What is hidden behind this? A process of ART which finds it’s meaning only in it’s dynamics of human ART proces. What will the race that resembles present day man genetically, think in a million years, when they will find our bones/the remains of our skeletons and try to understand how we live today, evolve and struggle against our most primitive and animalistic instincts. How shall they explain the great paradoxes which haunt, destroy and mystify the human race. How shall they explain the technological development, which on one hand breaks the barrier of time and space and renders it insignificant, and on the other hand creates misery, poverty, destruction and death.Every individual can be nothing else than what the world made him into.
Art, from this perspective, can not detach itself from this logic, and is consequently destined to be a manifestation of human ART, of how man experiences the status quo in the world of ART which it created. A canal can transport nothing but it’s content of ART.
Only it’s course can change. Dramatic though this conclusion may be, this is the only form of freedom art can offer. The role of consciousness in this process of ART is the leading principle which determines content and outcome. I believe that the removal of illusions ARTand fantasies from existence would be dramatic for the continuation of humans as a race.

Human Nature ART, Mio padre, L'occhio della veritáHuman Nature ART, Diana, Beauty was just thereHuman Nature ART, L'ultimo gridoHuman Nature ART, Il viticoltoreHuman Nature ART, Jack
Human Nature ART, Un vagabondo a VeneziaHuman Nature ART,  Albero di limoni in SiciliaHuman Nature ART, Corvo su bala di fienoHuman Nature ART, Paesaggio toscano con tre passeriHuman Nature ART, girasole-appassito-su-vassoio-d'oro
Human Nature ART, Tronco su spiaggia di Porto Ercole.Human Nature ART, La finestra della vitaHuman Nature ART, La nascitaHuman Nature ART, Il risveglioHuman Nature ART, Quei vecchi stivali
Human Nature ART, ChritHuman Nature ART, DianaHuman Nature ART, Mio padreHuman Nature ART, PatrizioHuman Nature ART, La sposaHuman Nature ART, La Chiacchierona
Human Nature ART, Nudo giacente IHuman Nature ART, Nudo giacente II Human Nature ART, Nudo sedutaHuman Nature ART, Nudo su sediaHuman Nature ART, Nudo giacente III
Human Nature ART, Donna su lenzuoloHuman Nature ART, Donna seduta su lettoHuman Nature ART, Donna sdraiataHuman Nature ART,  RagazzaHuman Nature ART,  Profuga